These Diy Decoration Ideas Using Wine Cork Are Enough To Leave You Jaw Dropped

What you mostly do with the wine corks? Definitely, they go to the trash bin as many of us consider such corks useless. But do you know how much useful are these? A little creativity and paying attention to their various uses can transform the corks by showing their best use. Take a look of the superlative diy decoration ideas using wine cork.

Wall hanging wall decoration:
You simply need to paste all the corks on the wooden plank or wooden board. Fix the nail by using hammer with each cork. Now, hang this highly useful decorative item on the wall and hang all the small stuff on these nails.

Make the Pine Nut Cones
The wine corks look similar to the wooden pieces fixed on the pine nut cones. You can create diy pine nut cone by joining these corks. These cones look prefect for decorating in the dining room or anywhere you want. Don’t paint the cone as this looks good in the real form. It is also one of the best diy decoration ideas using wine cork.

Let’s try making a lamp
Why don’t you try to create a beautiful lamp with open spaces through attaching the wine corks? After lit up, it would look commendable.

Cork pots for plants
Have you imagined about turning the corks into the plant pots? These small corks can become the mini plant pots. You can grow the small plants inside them. It really sounds quite creative. You need to fix all the corks on the wooden board and every mini plant pot would look superb.

Give a try to all of these ideas for turning the wine corks in the best possible way. You’ll really love it because this seems hard to believe that wine corks can have such amazing uses.

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